For Wives

Over the course of time, the roles of women have come under attack, probably today more than ever before. Here’s the problem. We constantly look everywhere else for the answer instead of going to the one who has the answer. Scripture clearly says what a wife’s role is to be and it was never intended for debate because God is not asking us for our opinion on the matter.

This may sound harsh but think of it this way- we drive our cars, right? When something goes wrong with the car and we have a question- if we try and google the information we realize we have to first put in all kinds of information about our specific car before we can arrive at an answer to our problem. We would need to know the make, the model, how many cylinders and whatnots to get to the information we are looking for. Then we realize we have this thing called the Owner’s Manual sitting in our glove compartment that we have never once looked at. We maybe glanced at the thing once or twice when we first bought our car (I doubt it ha!). Now when we open this book, however, we realize there’s a wealth of information there and a very detailed guide on how to care for our car in order to maintain it well and keep it running at its optimal life capacity. Guess who put this information in the Owner’s Manual!? That’s right- the actual manufacturer of the car! In the same way, guess who created marriage? God did! Even though society has tried to come up with various thoughts and beliefs and tried to credit it to themselves, the truth is God is the only author and creator of marriage. It is and has always been HIS idea and when God first created everything, He called everything good. The first thing that was “not good” in the book of Genesis was man being alone and without a helper (Genesis 2:18).

When anyone says the Bible (or God) treats women badly and doesn’t give us honor, it is important to realize there is no grounds or validity to such declarations. If we closely study God’s Word we realize such claims are far from the truth. Jesus, in His time, elevated women to such a level that it was unheard of at the time. He gave women such love and honor that, in fact, a lot of his followers were women. They adored Him because He cared for them and treated them with respect and cherished them for who they are.

The problem is, and always has been SIN. Sin, as it does everything else, has marred the beauty of what a godly wife is meant to be to her husband. In tirelessly striving to “be equal” or follow the crowd in “anything you can do, I can do better”, society has swung in entirely the opposite direction of what it means to even be a woman, let alone a wife, and in doing so has lost the art and meaning of true femininity and beauty. I want to tell you silence the voices that shout such lies and to search for yourself the truth about who you are called to be for your husband, from a Biblical perspective, the way it was meant to be. Only then will you be able to contribute to a lasting and fulfilling marriage, one that is joyful even once it is past the honeymoon phase.

Let us take a look at Eve, the first woman, Adam’s helper. The word helper seems so watered down and boring. God, in creating Eve, calls her an ezer kenegdow.

In the Bible, that word ezer is the Hebrew term used about 20 other times and if you look it up, in all those references it is in reference to God Himself coming through in a time of desperation or calamity when He would be the only source of help and hope. Kenegdow is a complimentary companion beside or alongside, a counterpart, not one like the other but still fitting, proper and an appropriate match.

Now I dont know about you but that, to me, is pretty darn amazing. God loves us and thinks highly of us. We have a role to play in our families and it is an irreplaceable one. And dont be fooled for a second. There is a reason Satan wants us to be confused and feel frustrated, for his aim is to create turmoil so that we would question God and His love for us. It isn’t very different from what he first did in the garden, is it? The goal in everything he ever does is to plant in our minds the seed of doubt for God’s love for us. In doing so, he wants us to believe God is holding out on us. Good thing we can stand on God’s Word and His promises!

I pray God will grant us the wisdom, strength and endurance from above to love and respect our husbands in the way God intended us to as we journey through this life as their companions! Love you ladies 🙂