Gospel Glimpses

Luke 7:36-50

Her Reputation – She was a Sinner. I mean, whom among us isn’t? Yet, she was shunned by society. She was a lost soul.

Her Reason – She was Sorrowful. She was in a lot of pain and hurting pretty bad. Her need for coming to Jesus was greater than her fear of being looked down upon by people, so she took a chance and went to meet with Jesus anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She was already at the bottom.

Her Repayment – She Sacrificed. Her gift to Jesus was costly. Her love for Jesus and her worship of Jesus cost her something and she was willing to pay the price. Washing feet was not a pleasant task and was usually delegated to servants. The perfume was expensive; her humility brought her to washing Jesus’ feet, where she used her tears (instead of water) and her hair which is her glory (instead of a towel) to complete her act of worship.

Her Recognition -She was given Significance. Jesus recognized her and acknowledged her act of worship as the people likely scorned and criticized her. Simon’s dialogue with Jesus gives us insight into how this woman was being looked at in this place among the Pharisees who were gathered here together. Jesus, however, saw her in her brokenness and recognized her act of love that took courage and sacrifice. He recognized she was willing to pay the price for loving and serving Him.

Her Restoration – She found Security. She received healing and confidence. She was made whole and she received peace as Jesus saw her faith. He forgave her. She was forgiven!

What a marvelous picture of Love, Forgiveness and Restoration this is! The deepest pain can be healed by the soul that comes to Jesus!