2018 Read Through The Bible

This new year, 2018, 8 women have committed to reading through the whole Bible with me. I want to invite you to set for yourself spiritual goals this year. Most people set goals like weight loss, buying a home, or learning a new task. These are all great but can you imagine the blessings that come from spending consistent time with God in His word on a daily basis? The rewards are like none other.

Now, I should mention there is a place for STUDYING the Word. Right now, I am talking about just READING. I find it often challenging just to read a passage without spending more time on it to study it further as I am reading it. I have to remind myself that the goals here are distinctly different and therefore take a different amount of time when compared to one another. So, when I decide to read, I need to remember that I am just reading. This gives me exposure to parts of the Bible I may have never come across before or forgotten. This way, I can mark it for later- for further studying the specific portion or passage.

That being said, whether you decide to read (or study) through the Bible yourself this upcoming year, I want to remind and encourage you to


F ix your heart and mind on God – Prepare your heart and mind to receive from God. Come with expectation, knowing that if you are sincere in seeking God and have a humble attitude, you will receive from God.

O bserve for ways you can imitate Christ – You can see Jesus all throughout the Scriptures. From the beginning to the end, it is all about what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. Practice seeing Christ in the Word and ways you can imitate Him.

C ommit to be disciplined and faithful – Anytime you undertake a task, especially like this one, you are going to find yourself, on some days, facing excuses. If you fail or falter on one day, pick yourself up and keep going! Our God is a God of second chances! Don’t let it stop you!

U tilize the opportunity for prayer – Always Pray before you start reading your daily passages. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the understanding of what we are reading in God’s Word. You cannot do it on your own and aren’t meant to! So pray, then pray some more!

S ilence the distractions – They are, simply put, everywhere. Try and find a place and time away from the distractions and the noise. If possible, an isolated area is the best, away from the sounds of the world- your “closet” where you are alone with the Lord.

I hope you will take up the task of reading through the Bible in one year! There are many reading plans out there. Whatever you choose, take your pick and get started, and get ready for the journey of a lifetime! 🙂

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