An Unplanned Visit

** This is a picture of my son with two buckets he was playing with on our deck one summer day last year. It is one of my favorite moments of us together 🙂

This morning when I woke up I had plans. I was going to start the morning off right. I was going to pray and get right into the Word. Of course, I woke up realizing I had forgotten a doctor’s appointment I had later today and was thankful I remembered before it was too late.

So I brushed my teeth and hugged my husband before he went off to work then sat down to get started with my time of prayer when right in that perfect moment my son decided to wake up crying. Ah, my perfect moment had been ruined! Now when was I supposed to get my quiet time?

Once your toddler is up you know its all over. The day has begun and there’s no alone time for you unless you’re counting nap time in the afternoon or a little bit of his own playtime.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love and cherish every moment with my son but I also value my alone time, my Jesus and me time. I got up off the couch and opened the door to get my son and we prayed together before we started the day.

It was in that moment I realized that God had met me and had worked in me in my attitude to not get upset but to make the choice to take that moment to pray together with my son. It is something I try to do everyday with my son but for some reason in that moment it was more precious. Then I was reminded of something about the way Jesus lived when He was here on earth.

When Jesus was on this earth, he met with people as He went about His day but even in those moments, He was always about His Father’s will. His purpose and course never changed.

We too stay within God’s will when we choose to stay faithful in walking with Him and are willing to learn from Him through the everyday and the ordinary.

Our plans may not always go the way we want but often life’s unplanned moments are when God works in us in a far greater way than we expected. We need to let God interrupt our perfect plans for they can be precious teaching opportunities that God uses to grow us in our walks with Him.

What are your plans for today? Have you allowed God to speak to you as you go through your morning and your daily routine? Don’t give up the opportunity to hear from Him. Listen for His voice and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Allow God to meet with you in those precious one-on-one teachable appointments with Him. They are priceless.




  1. Johanna Reyes

    Beautiful read! Thanks so much for sharing. ❤️

    1. Lisa

      Thanks lovely! ❤glad you were touched by it!

  2. tammy philip

    Fantastic!! I really enjoyed reading this. Though Elias is a lot younger, I feel like I can kind of relate to you when I am feeding him in the quiet hours of the night…instead of him interrupting planned alone time, it’s him interrupting planned sleep time…funny that before we had him I was asking the Lord to help me increase my prayer life…who knew that God used his nighttime schedule to force/enable me to do just this…lol! Anyway, thanks for sharing your story!

    Btw baby feet are so adorbz😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Lisa

      Ha! Isnt it funny how God uses the most unexpected ways to work in us!? Love you sis xoxo

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