Giving Thanks For Your Husband

We all have expectations when it comes to different areas of our lives. Unrealistic expectations, however, in the context of a marriage, can be a killer. It is healthy to want our spouses to behave or act a certain way, especially if he is a follower of Jesus. This would mean he is held to a certain standard with his behavior. The problem arises when we expect our spouses to fulfill our needs in a way that only Christ can. I can choose to come up with a laundry list of the things I think my husband should be doing but doesn’t do OR I can choose to give thanks for who he is and who he is trying his best to become. Is my job to complain and nitpick at the trivial things or is it to choose to love and encourage at every opportunity I get?

I give thanks today that my husband is a man who: 

Loves God

Works hard every day to provide for our family

Wants to spend time with me

Initiates prayer and time in the Word

Cherishes reading to our son

Has fun dance parties with our son with the disco lights on

Likes watching movies & playing board games together with our friends over at our place

Values the things of God

I am thankful for the times my husband :

Cooks delicious meals (he is a better cook than I am 🙂

Watches our son so I can go workout or spend time with my girlfriends

Makes the effort to clean the bathroom because he would rather do this than do the dishes ( go figure! ,I would choose dishes over bathroom any day :D)


God knows I fail every day and more often than not, I am the wife that complains! So even though I am in no way qualified to write this, I want to share this to encourage you so that if you struggle with this, you can know you are not alone. Satan’s job is to make us feel as if we are screw-ups in all areas of life, especially our marriages; his goal is to make us feel defeated so that we wouldn’t want to ever try again. God’s promise to us however, is that even though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again! When we fall, His grace enables us. He picks us up so we can keep going! So today, take a moment to think of who YOUR husband is and take time to thank God for him and for bringing him into your life.

Stay beautiful,





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