Running The Race

I have been working out pretty consistently lately and even though I feel like I am going to die at times (ok I am exaggerating here 🙂 ), I know I have to keep at it. I see people at the workout program going through the same struggle as I am but we encourage each other and push through. I am also blessed to have great trainers, and friends in the program, who hold me accountable. Without this, I know I would get complacent or allow discouragement or the fear of failure get the best of me! The Christian race is no different. Paul compares the Christian life to running a race. We need training and endurance, and most importantly discipline and self-control. In Galatians, we are told to bear each others burdens. In James and 1 Thessalonians, we are told to pray for another and to build each other up. Our walk with the Lord is not easy but we have the tools we need to run the race well. Be encouraged, dear brother & sister. Let us run with endurance the race marked out for us! You & I know what is waiting ahead for us. The end is well worth it!

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